9237C 7″ Polisher

Brand: Makita

  • Makita 9237C Polisher specifically designed for high-quality detailing & polishing.  With this Makita 9237C Polisher presents a consistent power and speed control with new durability and performance features. Whereby the outcomes is very fast and powerful polisher clear coat finishes, stone polishing and more. ​
  • Detailers will appreciate the variable speed dial and trigger so they can match the speed to the application, and the constant speed control is engineered to maintain consistent speed even under load. The 9237C has a rubberized loop handle that provides added comfort for users and added protection for delicate work surfaces. For increased durability, the Polisher has a wire mesh intake cover to prevent wool bonnet fibers and other debris from entering the motor.


  • ​Continuous Rating Input: 1,200W
  • Capacity for Wool Pad: 180mm
  • Capacity for Wool Bonnet: 180mm
  • Net Weight: 3.4kgs
  • Power Supply Cord: 2.5m