TIG200A TIG Machine c/w TIG Torch Argon Regulator With Flowmeter

Brand: Rilon

Rilon TIG 200A Tig Machine has an advanced inverter technology that delivers superior TIG performance. It has Untouch Start DC Tig Operation which allows you to strike the arc easily with high frequency, and makes it easy to establish an arc under a variety of conditions. It also has automatic Hot Start to boost the current during starting to make striking an arc easier. The integral gas and power connector for simple torch connections and quick changes between TIG and stick welding. It has wide range input voltage: 220V ± 15%. It can auto reconnect for single phase (110V) or 220V 50/60Hz input power. It also has energy saving compare to the traditional TIG machine more efficient.


  • Input Voltage/ Phase/ Frequency: 220V/1P/50-60Hz
  • Output Current/ Voltage/ Duty Cyle: 200A/18V/60%@25°C and 155A/16.2V/100%@25°C
  • Amps Input at Rated Output: 26A @ 200A
  • Output Range/OCV: 10-200A/40V
  • Dimension: 400mm x 153mm x 291mm
  • Weight: 9kgs